[vikky69] Wholesome Hentai Collection [English] [v1]

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*Hi fellow degenerates,
This is my private hentai collection and I just thought - "lets share it".

So for those who are questioning how its sorted as wholesome ,its my personal opinion and judgment (still want to know- hentai with good ending/sweet stories or vanilla).

I have spent a lot of time searching through thousands of hentai and then even converting them into CBZ, so dont criticize (some of you may still).
And I would like to state that I removed the author name(sorry if you wanted to have them),
and release date and place(it doesnt matter any way) - why it was way confusing so I just kept the name.

Its majority is downloaded from nhentai (some are from random webs) and as for the quality its fine - just fine no more no less.
Its not FAKKU so don't expect perfect translation or quality, these are scanlations.
The quality ranges from digital rips to scans, but overall they are fine. (-_-)

[Its not the final release, it will be up in a week, so why the hell am I releasing this - cause in the meanwhile this will grab some attention for final release.
And frankly I am broke in terms of internet so I won't be able to give a good download speed (still I will keep seeding to keep torrent alive)
In final release I will provide mega links so you can just grab it easily and if you wish then you can seed it (cause I expect that someone will or I hope so).]
[Want to have a peek at what's in the collection - https://mega.nz/folder/KJYgmDwD#_VLG3CR06-xmuLdqfOLQsQ (My favorites)]
[Their are 300 hentai in just 4.3 GIGS so its a great deal 😏 .]
[As for censorship -many are censored and few are uncensored.]

[For now dont hit the download just wait a week so you can download from mega 🙏 😔 .]

[This collection obviously doesnt has NTR but does has some kinky one's,
and I even have some normal but not wholesome which I may share in final release or separately (Its 8 GIGs with like 500 hentai -same source)]

Those comrades who will take their time to wait a week and even seed it I salute you .
I guarantee you won't be disappointed so plz wait till then.


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